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Found my gig on an ad on Facebook

I never paid anything for a Facebook ad, and it says “For your eyes only” so i don’t know if i’m the only one that sees it. I haven’t got any orders in that gig and when i tried opening it it shows this

And i don’t understand, because my gig IS active, i checked.

Hmm … I think maybe someone put your gig - probably others too! - on their marketing system by mistake.

If you look at the levels page: you’ll see that it’s only levelled sellers that have “Eligibility to be featured at promotional listings”

It’s a shame it didn’t last longer …

A few days ago I asked someone to search for my gig on their laptop to check if I was still Fiverr’s Choice and on that same day they got that “for your eyes only” ad with my gig on their Facebook!

What is this??

Its nothing its fiverr ads on facebook. Ads are based on buyers intent as you search your gig and other person search your gig on fiverr. Fiverr catches the buyers intent and it shows you exacts ads or same category ads

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Ok it makes sense, but I had no idea Fiverr was one of the sites promoted on FB ads… Thanks!

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