Found one more glitch duh


So I created two new gigs and put a video in both of them. One gig went to draft and another went live. Both videos are under review but how come one gig went live with no video and another went to draft and will go live after video review.

This is hard to explain and weird at the same time. Bugs Bugs and more Bugs.



I reported to CS about two bugs today. :confused:
1. earning page, and
2. analytics page.
Displaying incorrect information. :confounded::persevere:


No Avg. Response time? :open_mouth:


I really get frustrated on 3.7 stars bug…BUG BUG BUG…Eeeuuuu… :rage:


Dunno why, but this picture is bothering me. Can you please explain, how it’s related to this thread?


The bugs bro the bugs.


bugs are same everywhere, looks like they have nothing to do with evolution. :grin: