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Four Fiverr App Bugs that Need to be Fixed


I’ve noticed a few incredibly frustrating issues in the Android Fiverr App. Has anyone else experienced any of these?

  1. Attachments in Custom Offer Requests are Invisible
    This is incredibly annoying - for the longest time I thought this was a case of ignorant buyers not sending all necessary information in an order request. Come to find out, every time a buyer would attach a script (I do Voice Over) or anything else in a custom offer request, it just didn’t show up in the app. No way to access it without opening the desktop version.

  2. All paragraph spacing disappears in buyer requirements
    Again, for voice over artists in particular (depending on your recording process), this can be a big nuisance. People often type out their scripts in the buyer requirements, starting new lines/paragraphs where necessary to make phrasing and pauses easy to see.

I read from the app on my phone in my sound booth when recording, so when the formatting of the script is gone, it can often ruin my chances of doing the read properly. I again have to open it up in the desktop version and read from there.

  1. Messages sent along with a tip aren’t viewable in the app
    Typically, people don’t leave important messages regarding future orders while sending a tip, but it happened to me the first time last week - and because of this bug, it could have hurt me as a seller.

When someone leaves a message while sending a tip, that message is essentially invisible unless I find it on the desktop site. I receive no notifications (other than one telling me I got a tip) and there is no way to view it through the app.

I had a buyer leave me a paragraph of info as he sent me a tip, where he explained another job he needed done and asked me questions about what I could do and how soon. All I saw was that he left a tip. He sent another message later following up, and it wasn’t until I went digging through on my desktop that I could actually view the previous message.

  1. Copy Function is available in messaging, but not in orders.
    Every once in a while, I could really use the ability to copy text within an order, but it can’t be done. Not sure if this is a phone issue or what, but it can be a little annoying.

Has anyone else had to deal with these? Does it bother you as much as it does me? I feel like at least a couple of these are huge problems.


As far as I can tell, the app isn’t meant for actually doing your work, it’s just for notifications and quick messages.


Good point - that could very well explain it. If that’s the case, then I suppose this is more of a plea for Fiverr to try gearing the app more toward working.

I would consider something like the copy function and maybe even formatting as not-too-big-a-deal. More than anything, they’re little annoyances that elicit an “ugh” every time I have to deal with them.

I feel like at the very least, though, the invisible attachments and messages are things that could really use fixing.


try gearing the app more toward working.

I’m sure that would be useful for many of us. I can do some things through the app, for instance, or, well, could, either on-the-go or might not have to take my laptop if I’m gone for a few days then even, which can be a big advantage for me, and even if it’s meant for notifications and quick messages only, it should still show all messages, including ones left when giving a tip.


5. Files are not downloading.



I suppose a lot of this is particularly frustrating simply because of the way I do my work - maybe I just need to change up my methods. Haha

But when it comes to custom requests, I obviously want to respond quickly with an offer…which I can’t make without seeing the attachment - so if I happen to be out of the studio at the time, it can make things a lot more complicated than they need to be and slow down the messaging and ordering process.

Plus I usually have to do a word count (why clients often don’t include a word count to begin with and/or ask me to do it instead is a rant all on its own), which again, requires that I can see the scripts.

Anyway…hoping I’m in good company here. I’d love it if these things were changed.


I agree with this. I also agree that it would be nice if it were more fleshed out, but I’d actually like to see them focus on the overall bugs that apply to Fiverr in general and then work on the app later. The app has never been very functional for me. I use it for emergencies if I have to switch on OOO on the fly or to check messages. Much of the time that still doesn’t work and I just go to mobile browser and log in to Fiverr on mobile Chrome. I would be afraid to rely on the app for anything important.


Good points here too - I’ve noticed they’ve kicked it up a notch lately with the website (one thing that always drove me nuts was how many clicks it took to find previous orders when you were messaging returning buyers…so glad they fixed that one), but there are still some glaring issues.

The mere thought of the app being an added convenience for notifications/messages rather than a primary way of doing work is already helping me be less annoyed at the problems, so thanks for that - haha.


I posted some issues the other day with the app. It’s the most clunky interface ever .
“No Pain No Gain” I guess Fiverr :joy: