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Four Key Features to get success in fiverr!

After reading many articles online, I come up with these four things out of many things. In order to get success in fiverr. :smiley:

  1. Deliver The Orders Fast
  2. Fast Communication With Buyers
  3. Treat Buyers As Clients
  4. Always Check The Profiles of The People Who Send You Messages

Comment what do you think


Oh boy. OK here goes:

  1. Quality always trumps speed. Maybe you meant: “deliver on time”?
  2. Being responsive is definitely important. Actually understanding your client’s needs and goals and providing insightful responses is even more important.
  3. I’d say treat buyers as people, with emotions, needs and goals. Clients and buyers are the exact same thing so your point makes little to no sense
  4. Umm sure, but why? What would one be looking for when one does that?

Piqued my interest also.


I love numbers 1 and 2. Those were good.

Technically a buyer is a client, no difference but I think you mean act very professional always in how you interact and communicate.

No real reason to check the profile of buyers but I do it anyway out of pure curiosity.

I want to see where they are from, what if anything they are selling, and see if any negative buyer reviews were left to give me some clues about what kind of person I am dealing with.


Yes ! I mean “professional”

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Most of my buyers are from USA and as a USA resident myself I know that we like to get things fast, really fast! It’s a major thing with us. So because of that I try to deliver as fast as I can.


1- meh, depends on what you’re offering. Delivering on time should be enough. I have clients that would be pissed off if they got it too quickly (“What, I paid you that much for something that took you a few hours to do???”).

2 - This helps. Quality is more important than speed though.

3 - This does not make sense. Buyers are clients. Clients are buyers. Same thing.

4 - This is by far the best tip imo. Learn to read the buyer/client. This can help with a lot of things - minimize bad reviews and cancelations from nightmare buyers, pricing, expectation management, etc. There are certain profiles that are an instant no for me - I know we won’t be a good fit, and not worth my time (or theirs).