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FOUR months of not getting any sales help!

I’ve been doomed in fiverr. I’m not getting any sales at all, for the last 4 months. I really need some advice and help because I don’t now what to do now. I’m a hardworking person but still unlucky here in fiverr I’ve only earned $200 since I join last year.

Your gigs are too specific. Unless I want an animal drawn there’s nothing you can offer me. Try to capture more of the market.

What have you done to help yourself first? First, read all of the Fiverr Academy. Then you should listen to.all the podcasts (or read the transcripts) and all the forum Tips for Sellers. Promote yourself, diversify your gigs, use buyer requests, optimize your gigs for search. Then come back and writer about what you tried. You might get better results.

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It was not too bad, all you do is add a client and add to the positive feedback.

You can not just rely on traffic from fiverr.
Try promoting your gigs on facebook, twitter or other social media directory and

Thanks for the tip sir, anything else? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip sir, anything else? :slight_smile: I really want to be better at fiverr, but now I’m kinda lost.

I already did that for the past month but still not getting any results or whatsoever.

I already did that for the past months but I’m not seeing any result or whatsoever, I think the feedback thing well surely help though. Thanks.

where did all your 37 reviews go to? Why are all your gigs new arrivals?

I’ve change all my old gigs to new ones. I’ve delete the old ones so the reviews was gone too.

That was a bad move if you had positive reviews. You need to build trust from future customers with those positive reviews .

Now I realize why I’m not getting any orders, So now I’ll be trying to build the trust again by finding buyers this would be hard but I’ll do my best. Thanks.

You should have edited the GiGs instead of making new ones.

Yea, Big mistake but I’m not giving up mistakes make us more knowledgeable :slight_smile: appreciate the concern mate.

Do not delete the old gigs, though had a bad review, you can still recover. This is your first mistake

For a long time I have not sold any of the services the oldest of this case that makes me felt bored because there is no effective and work and activity