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Four "secrets" I've learned on Fiverr

thanks for your best tips

Thanks for sharing a helpful tips.

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Hi there,

Thank you for the tips! As a start up narrator on Fiverr, I am trying to attract as much as attention I can to gain traction on the Fiverr marketplace! :smile:

thank you very much for the important tips

This will definitely help me for my other gigs/services. As time of bidding we often charge high thinking the job will be lengthy but it’s a good suggestion to start with small and then go large.
Thank you for the tips.

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Really appreciate the advice! As you said, these tips can be applied to pretty much every niche on here. I’ve been interested in doing voice work for video games, and I know that I’ll really need to follow your first step! I don’t have much experience with voice overs, but I’m going to learn as much as I can and take it easy when I begin. Thanks!

The four tip “Don’t be afraid to say “No””, is very helpful, I have a bad experience trying to retain a bad buyer, the best solution was to tell him “no, thanks” at the first signal.

I agree with the “don’t sell yourself short” point. I have recently had to say no to a prospective client. We ended on a very courteous note with him saying I will still be considered for future jobs.

Sometimes, saying No works.

I like a lot your point 3. And wow, if two of your clients make up to 50% of your business, they surely deserve VIP status.

Just (for your own sake) don’t tell them! They could be very nice and decent people, but if they would find out you depend so much on them, you never know…

Looking back, there could be a life lesson here, in what you said. How many of us failed to reward those who actually helped us a lot? Busy with …“the $5 gigs” for the mob :wink:


That’s nice to know.

Thanks for the valuable suggestions. I will surely follow them to have a great 2020. Personally, I also feel that you must be very patience with your customers. Once you take a job you must do everything possible to make sure the client is satisfied.

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