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Four star or no star

Which is better four star or no rating.reply me please

Four stars is better than no stars.

Four stars will lower your overall rating, unless it’s already below 80%. No review (no stars) doesn’t influence your overall rating.

No star

Did I misunderstand the question then? Is it a case of a four star review versus no review at all?

A 4 star rating isn’t a good rating, unfortunately. You want 5 stars, with the lowest “acceptable” being 4.5 stars, or so.

If your buyer doesn’t review, it doesn’t affect your overall reviews. No review > any non-5-star review.

Get paid if you have worked for it.

I will say NO STARS!

And I’m still confused!

As far as I understood he meant to say…what is better out of these 2. A 4 star review from buyer or no review(no stars) at all. I vote for no review at all. Just my point of view! :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining - I was being thick!