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Four years today as a forum member - The highs and lows of my time on Fiverr

I had no idea. Promotions to TRS aren’t automatic, and yet demotions are.

How much communication do they want?

“Hi, I need this and that”
“Hi, this are my prices, I’ve also attached examples of my work. If you like, feel free to order, thanks.”

I practice ABC: Always Be Closing. :slight_smile:


Yeah. To be fair, I had been hovering around the 90% mark so I really should have been more careful at that stage.

Well these were month-long orders and they wanted updates etc as work went along. I had begun being less communicative than previously so they weren’t wrong to be questioning things. Both have since come back and placed multiple orders. One has recommended me to a friend of his who also now orders monthly so it all worked out in the end. In this case, I think they had reason to question me, although I repeat - the work was always done properly. I think that’s why they came back, when they saw the alternatives weren’t delivering what I do.


Modesty will be the death of you… :wink:

I often find that people who ask to see samples later crawl back to me to order, even though I won’t give them any. Quite a few have pointed out that I have been correct in advising that asking for samples is a bad idea, In this case, I presume that riding their spending power horses into the mek-sell sunset doesn’t always end as well as they imagine it will.

I’m also of the opinion that good sellers on Fiverr are scarily few and far between. This year I bought several crypto articles from sellers priced between $5 and $50 to check out my competition. I wouldn’t have dared deliver what I got back.


Modesty is great in general but if I was to be modest about my work compared to what they had got instead then I’d be downright lying!

I agree that getting reliable sellers is difficult and in writing in particular. I’ve done well with my purchases in that field to be fair but due to the downturn in work I’ve been getting I’ve tended toward doing that too rather than outsourcing any more.


It almost seems they are harder to lose than people who didn’t ask for anything the like and whom you didn’t scare away at first by telling them sorry, privacy, and stuff …

For Eoin

Bescheidenheit ist eine Zier, doch weiter kommt man ohne ihr. (old German proverb about modesty)


I see what you mean, they wanted weekly updates? That sounds like a huge hassle when you’re juggling several orders.


Way to go, Eoin! You truly are a gem. I remember when I resumed offering my services on Fiverr with this new account after a long break, you placed an order on my gig. I didn’t even ask you but you placed an order anyways and gave me a 5-star review. I don’t know if the article was what you were looking for or you were just being you (would love to know what you thought about it at that time). But, that 5-star review meant a lot to me. To know that such a great person, writer, and Fiverr seller appreciated my work…

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you are very humble, kind, and plain awesome. Haven’t posted on the forum in years, but this had to be done.


Aw thanks.
What you wrote was excellent and used on my project at the time. The rating I gave was a fair assessment and I’m glad it helped you!


wow! Great, Best Of luck…


wow… I am new here…everyone is so helpful


I agree that obtaining reliable sellers is troublesome and in writing specially. I’ve done well with my purchases in this field to be honest however thanks to the downswing in work I’ve been obtaining I’ve tended toward doing that too instead of outsourcing from now on.

That’s some top notch spinning right there. :+1:


That’s a huge risk. Just show them work you’ve done for other clients, that’s what they mean by “samples.” You don’t have to create anything new for them, they just want to see your writing style.

It depends on what you order. If you have a very narrow idea of what you want, it might be hard for a writer to capture that.

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What possesses someone to copy text, spin it and post it as a comment? SMH


Nope. Almost every single sample I’ve ever given out has been stolen. If someone asks for a cryptocurrency articke sample, I can guarantee that it will be published on one or more crappy new crypto blogs in a matter of hours.

I do not give samples on Fiverr for 3 very simple reasons:

  • Giving samples rarely (if ever) results in a sale.
  • All my past work belongs to my clients and as most samples get stolen, that makes me look like I’m selling the work they’ve paid for to other people.
  • People who ask for writing samples have no idea what they want and because of this, always make difficult buyers.

I’m also the equivalent of a Pro writer on two other platforms. There, people don’t message me or even place orders. I log in, if there are writing tasks available, I can choose to complete them. If clients like my work, they leave a review saying so.

Fiverr buyers asking me for samples is a waste of my time. If I have no Fiver orders, I can go complete a few writing tasks elsewhere and save myself the trouble of trying to satisfy a buyer who doesn’t know what they want, probably has a God awful business going nowhere, and has a severe entitlement complex.

There is no risk in not giving samples. Saying no just lets me focus more on clients and opportunities that matter more.


Very nice post.Best of luck for the future @eoinfinnegan


you wrote it very well i liked it and this post boosted me too


Someone told them that being active on the forum will bring them sales, but they have nothing to say?


i’m new on forum. i always wanted to interact with fiverr community and see their thoughts and experiences. just recently came to know about forum.
your post is so informative.
Best of luck with your work and wish you more success.