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Fourth sale experience

I’m super happy with the opportunities I’ve got here on fiverr. A happy customer recommended me to some friends, and I got another sale, yay.

Long story short, this person didn’t exactly read my description, asked for a background, which my gigs do not include, and I drew some because I’d rather sell a gig than not. I sent for a review, and they said my bg was plain. I mean, I did spend about 5 hours just on the background items alone, but the bg color is just a gradient behind the piles of items.

I’m not sure I will get a good review, and if I don’t I will be super sad because I’ve spent 8+ hours on something that usually takes a couple of hours (without bg).

Anyways, I may be getting ahead a bit. I’m trying to stay positive ^u^


First of all congratulations. Sometimes, it happens, all buyer will not like your product! Just move on, be positive! :slight_smile:

congratulations ,keep going

It all ended well yay!

Congrats… Go ahead…

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congratulations…keep going

Congrats… Go ahead bro …///

I’m a girl hahaha. Thanks