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Fragglesrock, bad experience for ebay design

Few weeks ago, I needed ebay design so I checked the guy fragglesrock from fragglesrock on fiverr, i thought he was nice so i told him i would pay him directly so he can save 20% from Fiverr. He promised me that he will make me satisfy with my ebay store design. Here is when the horror comes. He delayed the first draft for 3 days. When i received the first draft I did not like it, and I request changes to be made. He took 3 days to finish some tiny changes on the site. I did not like it and I asked him to change again and again and again and he then starts to come up with some excuses like “im not beside pc now” or " my computer broke" . This is beyond hilarious. The site did not have a footer, about us , delivery , return pages were not designed at all, and the page can not properly display on mobile ( you can not click on the categories or the products at all). He didnt want to work on it anymore and wouldnt’ give refund at first, then I asked him to at least finish the footer. He replied me “no, i have done enough, find some other to finish”. He did not want to refund until I disputed on Paypal ( thanks to paypal, I am still covered). I learned my lesson not to think everyone as nice and skip fiverr to pay him directly.

I hope everyone here learn my lesson, always pay on fiverr and I hope this designer learn his lesson too.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed.

You didn’t follow the RULES on the site :slight_smile: Why are you complaining now ? Why did you offer to pay somewhere outside the site? As I see it,it’s your fault .Cheers