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Fragglesrock have added links from pornsites to my website. Not happy. Anyone know how i can repor

fragglesrock did a gig for me and it turns out what they have done is created a load of spammy pornography website links to my site which is NOT what was agreed. I have gone back to them they acknowledge the created them but wont do anything about it, provide an explanation or do anything to help get rid of them.

They are supposedly a top rated seller so god knows how many other people’s website they will have affected like this. I want my money back if they wont fix the issue and I want any reviews I have given them removed as they clearly don’t deserve what i gave them. The reports ar spread over multiple pages so didn’t pick this up at first glance.

receiving a response that says - ‘sorry for this we wont remove the link have a nice day’ is a piss-take above all else.

Anyone know how can i report this and do Fiverr actually take complaints seriously?


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First, it is against the ToS to call out a user.

But what kind of gig did you buy from them? You can certainly go in an ask for a refund and contact customer support for that if they did not deliver the gig that you ordered.

As for how to remove links all over the internet, that’s a different issue, where did they place these links? That may require you sending a cease and desist letter to the actual website with ads/links to your site or something to get them to remove it. Are we talking about ads that were placed somewhere specific?