Fragglesrock - is a bad vendor


Fragglesrock, a vendor from nigeria was supposed to deliver as per my order status the following: “design your Logo, Letterhead, CD cover, Folder, Business Card, Envelope ×1(qty) 2 Days $5.00”. She could conceptualize even a logo for me. I provided her with a logo and asked toprovide me with letterhead, business card etc to meas per my order status but she did she asked me for additional charges as stated below:

✦Logo Design - $10

✦Business Card (2 sided) $10

✦Letterhead $5

✦Folder $20

✦Envelop Small and Large $5

✦CD cover $10

20:27 January 05, 2015


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Reply to @ricksper: I agree. It’s the “as per my order status” that has me wondering. In any case I can see how it could be confusing on both sides.

Someone with patience and mad language skills needs to set up an “I will translate your Fiverr order communications for $5” gig.

abhijitraorane said: "design your Logo, Letterhead, CD cover, Folder, Business Card, Envelope ×1(qty) 2 Days $5.00".
If that's a correct quote from the Gig, then I'm not surprised at the misunderstanding. There should be some qualifiers in there. I'd expect 1 each of those in two days time.


I’m curious since the seller’s link was removed, what was the seller actually offering for $5?


So sorry you had this experience. However, I do believe it is against the forum rules to call out a specific user in a negative manner. Take it up with Fiverr support.


Message me I can help you out at a discounted price. I really don’t like it when other designers give good designers a bad name on fiverr.

I’m here to help if your interested.


Rob W.


oh its a bad experience on fiverr, but don’t be upset call on fiverr support. it will help you,


I don’t get whats with all the negativity towards this seller… If you read description of his gig, you can see all the prices BEFORE purchasing –

Read gig descriptions before purchasing next time. All the prices are there…


Reply to @dizzywall: applause


It seems to me like you didn’t read her description or you simply didn’t comprehend what she wrote, then you tried to shame her on the forum as retribution for quoting you the appropriate price… You wanted all of her design skills for $5 and that’s just crazy! You should apologize immediately!


Reply to @dizzywall: You’re refering to the wrong gig, perhaps.


Reply to @ricksper: I found the seller, she has 2 gigs, that quote "design your Logo, Letterhead, CD cover, Folder, Business Card, Envelope " is the title of one of her gig, and doesn’t have any price but “contact me for quote”.

Then another gig that is exactly the same, but with another title and has all the prices.

Anyway, the first gig violate OST, that she must state what she offers for $5.

Both bad buyer and seller in my opinion.


Reply to @ricksper: I think it would be much clearer if she just stuck an “or” in there:

"design your logo, letterhead, CD cover, folder, business card, OR envelope"

I get the desire to try and hit as many keywords as possible, but I’m with you guys, I see why the buyer was confused.


We need a moderator to close these threads. Its really annoying to see a buyer start a post to slander the seller’s name and then vanish. Only to have others continue.


I don’t think anyone will do all of those for one gig


Reply to @craigscott: Does it really matter what thread folks are babbling in? :slight_smile:

craigscott said: We need a moderator to close these threads.
Not only that but this is tagged as an Announcement so it's there, it's there, it's there...


Reply to @itsyourthing: Touche itsyourthing :slight_smile: You got me there, lol.


Reply to @ricksper: yup


why do I keep hearing… or seeing so much about this fraggle person i’ve went back to forums dated in 2012 and people still menting him/her… my question is wtf is this person still doing business on fiverr after all the complaints you would think CS would of took action buy now… i mean all these people can’t be lying…ijs