Fragglesrock is a scam artist--DO NOT USE


I advise you not to utilize fragglesrock. He is not truly capable of completing any type of ios or android app, and will take you for a very LONG process, and then stop communicating. He will also demand that you pay him directly and not through Fiverr.

He claims to be the CEO of his company, but he is NOT.


Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed in this forum, sorry. Report everything to Customer Support, provide all the evidences and wait.


Calling out users on the forum is not allowed. Contact Costumer Support if you have any complaints against that user.


What @exilegraphics said. Plus, I will add, demanding to be paid outside of Fiverr is against TOS, so I’m sure Customer Support will be more than willing to help you out if you still have his messages.


It’s a warning. I chose to make sure people know. Customer support is involved. Thanks!