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Fragglesrock is Not Trustworthy

Fragglesrock advertises to write and sing a song for you.

My experience with this woman and site was very disappointing and I would highly suggest you stay away from it.

After placing my order she asked for details about who the song would be for/about. I explained that it was for my little niece’s memorial charity run, (She passed away 2 year s ago for Neuroblastoma cancer). As soon as I sent my information to Fraglesrock, she immediately asked for more money to add more sounds, instruments, etc.

I explained that once I heard the rough draft, that I would probably want to add more, but only after I heard her song.

She then sent me another message asking for more money to “get started on the song.” I had already paid the $5 to start. When I asked to hear the song before giving more money, she then said that she was going to cancel my order, which she has asked to do.

She wasted numerous days trying to squeeze more $money out of me, and when I didn’t give it to her, she cancelled my order. Very disappointing working with her. Just a money grabber. :frowning:

First of all, since I haven’t heard the sellers’s side of the story

I can’t really tell what really happened here, but sorry to hear that you

had a bad experience.

However, you are leaving the same comments in other areas ( using the seller’s name)

and that is against TOS, so you should stop doing it.

I also checked the seller’s gig, she seems to have a good rating so maybe the whole thing was

just a misunderstanding/ lack of communication, but not sure.

I hope you can find another seller that will give you the song you want,

good luck!

@benhatch Get over it, already. Now you’re just an obnoxious spammer. Any sympathy you had after the 1st time you ranted is now gone. Nobody cares.

Spammer. Thread closed.

Hopefully, I wish you a better seller.

:wink: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

@madmoo thanks for clearing that up!! I’ve been thinking omg who is this infamous fragglesrock and I can’t believe they’re getting away with so much… and now I finally get it! Hehe, I find it quite amusing.