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Fragglesrock love spell fooled me,don't buy anything from him

This Spell caster name fragglesrock he is a scammer,he has many fiverr account as far as my knowledge etc are the same person name fragglesrock running it he fooled me of love spell that he can cast and taken away my $500 he is also on etsy,ebay

Sorry to hear about your being “fooled”. You can’t spam the forum wth these posts or you risk getting banned. You can create a ticket if you cannot work out the issues with the buyer. CS can support you.

Yes,he told me to buy many of his gigs,and yes i have brought his services from my another fiverr account

Reply to @zenzed:

  1. Why did you keep ordering if you didn’t like the work?
  2. You don’t sound honest.
  3. Multiple accounts violate the Fiverr ToS.

You were fooled because you believed someone could cast a love spell? Pay the silly toll my friend.