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Fragglesrock marks order complete, bogus or wrong stuff in .zip won't repsond, What Can I do?


Fragglesrock does not respond to my messages, according to the feedback, I am not the only one that gets a .zip that says order completed, but just has 3 songs from her band. No birthday son as promised for my daughter. The birthday came and went. In other words for $5 I bought three of her songs I didn’t want. The only communication with Fragglesrock was during the time she wanted to upgrade me to a video (glad I didn’t do that). Does not seem to be a way to contact Fiverr or do anything about this.


Any ideas?

Sheriff’s Note: Please try not to call out other members. Thank you :slight_smile:


Keep trying to contact your seller, if you not able to get a response within the next 24 hours you can always talk to the customer support team :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear that. You could’ve rejected the delivery right away once you realized it. Hopefully CS can help you.


Leave him negative feedback with all your thoughts… So that many future buyers would be aware of the seller… By the way…convey my belated birthday wishes to your daughter…


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