Fragglesrock My Most Disappointing Fiverr Experience! Caution


My experience working with seller, fragglesrock has been my most disappointing experience with using the Fiverr service. I feel other buyers should be aware of the disappointing actions of this seller. A few weeks ago I purchased a gig for a logo creation. I provided detailed instructions on some of the elements of the design (color #s, style, etc.). The immediate response to my submission of the details was a hitting me up to purchase more. It is at that point that I was made aware that the purchase did not include the source file. I would not have made the purchase knowing that I wouldn’t get a source file.

When I asked the cost of the source file, it was more than I wished to spend, so I indicated I needed a refund. Shortly after I get a message that the project was complete and files were delivered to my account. Surprised, I immediately sent a message to logodesign_mou asking why he would have gone forward with the order when I was requesting a refund? I never received a reply.

So, I sent out another message in an attempt to talk about the gig and to provide them feedback on the files sent to me. I have never had someone absolutely ignore the stipulations provided by the customer, but this seller did not take into account anything I requested. Colors were chosen that I hadn’t requested. I had expressed the need to have something modern and original and they sent me a logo with elements I’ve seen on hundreds of marketing thru the years.

Nothing original about it. I could have done better buying a logo application and making one myself. X( Finally, after my attempts to get this resolved in a peaceful manner, I get a message from them simply saying, “refund for you! thanks!” That’s it! No “I’m sorry for the trouble and inconvenience”. They don’t even offer me a, " I would like to make this a positive experience for you". After begging for me to not give them a bad review. They just end the order and refund it, so that the negative rating doesn’t immediately show up on the reviews.

My advice, don’t be fooled by the ratings. Many on this site, just bail the project, so they don’t get a bad review showing up on their profile. Just know, this seller gave me no impression they understood anything about customer service. I’m going to be posting the whole conversation from start to finish once I get my blog article about this finished. I’ll keep you posted. It’s a shame that something so simple had to create such a horrible experience.

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