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Fragglesrock SCAMMER BUYER I finished gig she deleted ALL of my work

Sadly I did not save a copy of my comments. This was very foolish of me.

Basically, I commented on 2 youtube videos and 2 blog posts. I took a very long time to finish the order (about 40 minutes). That’s a lot for just $5 but I was ready to do it anyway.

Maybe she kept a copy of my comments, I don’t know.

She deleted ALL the comments I posted on her pages, so now I guess I won’t get paid.

Sheriff’s note: please remember that calling out other users is not allowed in this forum

Did she ask to mutually cancel the order? If not, you’ll still get paid.

@leanna6 Please take down the person’s name you are calling out! It’s against the forum rules to do that, but you have smeared her name and she may not have done anything wrong! What you’re doing is just as bad, if not worse. Once she buys your service, she can do whatever she wants with it, whether you like it or not, as long as she’s paid for it. So go read the Fiverr Terms of Service, and change your post. YOU are the one doing something wrong here.

Is it really scamming if the buyer is still paying you? If a cancellation occurs then you have all the right to be angry. Just relax…

@leanna6 I just followed up with your order and see that this buyer who you denigrated in your post left you a 5-star review. And you haven’t bothered to come back here to erase your nasty words about her. You should be ashamed.

They are just comments, as long as you’re getting paid, who cares? Stop being such a drama queen. You got paid, you got a good rating, what’s the issue?