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[fragglesrock] Seller

Worst experience on fiver … the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing!

Set Up Tumblr accounts that didn’t work.

Didn’t answer queries and was upset when I asked for a refund.

His response…

"You are some sort of w**ker. The accounts do work. You have just done this to get free accounts. Well I look out for these and when you post your site link on there, I will be sending 100,000 crappy porn links "

He then went on holiday so I couldn’t reply.

Great customer care.

Anyone else has this from him?

Well, you aren’t allowed here to call out other users. I know it’s frustrating when you don’t get your job done the way it should be done, unfortunatly you have to be very careful when you choose people to do something for you, people will do anything for money nowadays. As a graphic designer and web developer I can’t say I experienced something like you did, mostly because I do everything for myself, but I understand how frustrating and annoying it may be. Try contacting the support, they should help you, you can also ask for a refund. Try these and see what happens.