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Fragglesrock warning stay away from this seller

I recently invested 2gigs with this freelancer, he was running late with his deliverables we agreed he would finish it after the gig completed. My mistake for thinking this guy had any integrity. He’s delivered nothing. after 3 months off continual messaging he offered to do 1/3 of the work 2 mobile app icons. and since has done nothing despite many messages.

I then investigated and found out he’s got quite a few complaints of a similar nature. more than a few.

I recommend not investing in this guy. He does not finish the job and he’s late.

After the gig closed the fiverr team offer no support. So you are better of cancelling and dont consider leaving anything outstanding after the gig comes to a close they either finish or just cancel. Because there is nothing to back you up after. That was my hard lesson learnt.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

Sorry about what happened to you. Mistakes will make you a pro buyer!

Anyway, you have the chance to contact support regarding an order with the actual delivery time of the gig + 14 days. I think no one is providing much complex jobs that take over (14days + n) to deliver a $5 gig.