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don’t work for this guy


this guy will not pay you for what you work for them

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i have work this guy but he havn’t pay me anything and take all work from me. Don’t trust on this guy ever

It is not allowed to call other users ehm sorry.

But ayway from what i read from you both i can understand that this guy is looking for newbies to scam, really sorry about this =S

Ha Ha, “honest”.

You should not start a project without an order. Never do multiple orders or large orders with new clients. Break the work up into small deliveries and finish out the orders with reviews one at a time.

Fiverr should have some settings or complain area where we can add complain against these kind of fraud fiverr users

@miteshvaghela. Fiverr does – it’s called Customer Support. Contact them if you have issues or complaints.