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on my all gigs get 50% off through using this coupon code Fragglesrock .

when you are about to ordering a gig use this code word and get discount up to 50% hurry up its limited time offer valid only for two days

*** Sheriff’s note: Bogus coupon code removed as Fiverr does not offer this. Title and Info replaced with “Fragglesrock.” Post moved to My Fiverr Gigs category from Tips for Buyers. ***


@iamzohaib: 1) Fiverr does not have coupon codes. 2) You cannot offer a Gig at less than $5 – that is against the Terms of Service 3) This is not a “Tip for Buyers” and you are spamming the forum if you try and promote your Gigs anywhere else than on the My Fiverr Gigs section of the forum.