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Frank_d Milestone + Announcement time!

Hey everyone, this is going to be short and to the point.

Without much fanfare, I just noticed I reached an important milestone in my freelancing career:


It’s been a bumpy but exciting time for me, with a steep learning curve.

When I registered on Fiverr I never imagined I would be selling animated videos at a premium.

I am proud for what I accomplished and what I have learned in my journey so far.

My skills as a director, an animator and an illustrator have progressed considerably since I first joined. But what I am most proud of, is how far I have come as a businessman.

During my first few months on Fiverr I realized that establishing a framework is paramount.

Both for how I processed orders and for how I converted leads.

It’s been 7 full years: From frustrated freelancer who blamed the customer, to established seller facilitating ideas and managing client expectations.

I have Fiverr to thank for all of that, and since it’s Fiverr’s 10th anniversary I thought the timing is right to take the next logical step for my career.

I plan to launch a private mentoring group with weekly live lectures/Q&A sessions.

This isn’t a humble brag/service plug post.

I want to do a live AMA session, and offer it to all members of the forum at no cost, no strings attached.

If there’s enough demand, I plan to offer at least 1 free live session per month to all Fiverr members, regardless of whether someone joins my private mentoring group or not. :slight_smile:

I can also do a mini-lecture covering one topic, so please feel free to vote on the poll below, letting me know what we should kick things off with, or if you just want the entire event to be all about your questions.

  • Fiverr rankings/algorithm
  • Finding your niche
  • Pricing your service
  • Overcoming client objections
  • Finding leads
  • Customer service framework
  • No lecture, just AMA please.

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Thank you!

As always, if mods think this should be moved, please go right ahead.



I want it all, Frank :nerd_face:


Huge congrats @frank_d - and good of you to be giving back to the Fiverr community. Just goes to show what you can achieve when you apply business acumen to a shed-load of hard work! :clap:


And he hasn’t offered to buy us a single drink! :smiley:

Way to go, Frank D. Looking forward to the AMA and the mini lecture.


Oh, this is mind blowing. Hard work pays off.


Haha! I had a tough time selecting which subjects I would offer in this first lecture!

I am always here to help as much as I can. So stick around, there’s plenty more to talk about @coerdelion for sure.


What is AMA? …

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It is the least I can do. Fiverr was what started it all for me, and it will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what happens down the road.

I also love being a part of this community, even if my replies sometimes don’t show it! :slight_smile:


Ask Me Anything

Haha! True that. I am planning a couple of trips this year, Tel Aviv, London, Poland, to name a few. Let me know where we can meet up and I will buy a couple of rounds!


Did you earn the bulk of that income in the time since becoming a Pro seller?
Were your first years on fiverr spent on $5 gigs? I had to spend a few years initially only selling $5 gigs to build up a good reputation before I could charge what I do now. In fact all they had for a while were $5 gigs.

Nice work Frank!


Hmm, interesting question.

Well according to my analytics, my Pro gigs combined have earned me less than 25% of my total net income.

I am preparing some graphs if anyone wants to see how I averaged per year and where I peaked and why.

EDIT: I did join Fiverr back in 2013, so yes for at least 2 years I had to struggle with $5 order too @misscrystal


Congratulations and it’s motivating the sellers like us :slight_smile:


Yes I would love to see those graphs. This is so helpful to finally get some real numbers from a Pro so we can see how we can do that too.


Thank you @misscrystal for nailing it on the head for me:

this whole thing is about me sharing the framework and help people replicate what I did to become successful.

I think that success always leaves clues. So instead of having you look for them, I intend to actively help you seek them out and analyze them for you.


Now all I need is a gig I can sell for $4000! :smiley_cat:


Congrats on your milestone! That’s a big number, especially considering you started your 7 year journey in the $5 gig era, and 7 years are a long time to gather experience, trial and error results and everything needed to finetune.


That it does @goldsmydy … That it does…

Oh gosh, I keep having PTSD flashes of people ordering my $5 gig repeatedly in order to get $50 for a single video. Fiverr has really come a long way…

Yes 7 years was just the right amount of time for me personally to try lots of things, miss the mark plenty of times and figure out what works.


I’ve suppressed those days. Now I’m getting flashbacks.


Seven years with lots of dedication, well it worth it. Hope people with quick to get rich mindset will also understand success takes time and hard work.


Mind bogling @frank_d