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Frank's Playbook #002 **Updated with Link!**

Hey everyone!

I think it’s time to put together the second lecture, there was a conflict in my schedule so I now planning on going live this Sunday February 9th, at 7 pm GMT +2.

I apologize for this change but I think aside from the calendar mishap, this will give me some more time to prepare the lecture.

I will close the poll Friday night my time, so that I have enough time to prepare on the subject you will pick. :slight_smile:

Here’s a poll for you to vote on what you’d like for me to cover this time around!

  • Pricing Your Service
  • Customer Service Framework
  • Frank’s Gig Performance Optimization Process
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Closing Leads Like Frank (real examples of how I landed big accounts)

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Hmmm … so hard to choose this time, I’ll vote once I’m off the fence. When are you going to close the poll?


Do you record these and post them?


I’m here if you have any questions that will help you decide!

I’ll keep this open until the very last minute. Probably about one hour before going Live.

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No questions, just too many great options, a pure luxury problem :slight_smile:

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I think you need to write a video script that can help you to not take more time on your lecture plus more value.

I had an outline prepared last time with bullet points.

My main issue last time was that it took me a while to get over the delay between live feed/what I was saying, plus I got distracted every time I glanced at the comments.

I think my outline works as intended, so I will write one for sure.

I will be more prepared and plan on keeping it shorter this time around.

I also think it will be helpful to plan for a couple of breaks where I just check on the live chat and see what you guys are saying in between my lecture’s chapters.


I don’t record them beforehand.

I outline them on paper and then go live.

All the subjects I am proposing here will 100% make it on my private mentoring group, which has gone live (soft launch) and will always be available to all who subscribe on my service.

This series of lectures I am offering for free on YT is not going to go away but will eventually change either in duration or how the content is presented.

Still experimenting with the idea, as I do want to offer something valuable back to the community, but it makes little sense to have a free product cannibalizing my paid service.

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I meant, after the live part, do you record them as you do them and post them on YT to be watched? I am not on the same time zone as you, so I would miss the live part, and I would like to see them.

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If you go to my channel right now, you will still find last week’s live session, exactly as it was streamed. No editing.

Every live stream is recorded and automatically uploaded to my channel.


I subscribed to your YT channel today Frank.

Thanks for all you do here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the sub!

We are just getting started!

Thanks. I found it. 2 hours. Wow! Thanks for doing this though.


I think I can start moving towards a 90-minute, maybe even 60-minute session as I become more efficient.

The goal is to have each lecture jam-packed with insights and actionable advice.

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I am watching it. I like how you start with the elephant in the room and address how Fiverr used to be vs Fiverr now. A lot of people do not know the history. I lived through it. Been here 5 years. Remember when home page was the big goal! Times have changed.


Yes! I went through all of Fiverr’s tectonic shifts and I keep forgetting how a lot of members on the platform today never experienced that.

Of course it’s even worse if you did experience it and keep asking yourself “how to rank” based on what used to be.

Fiverr has evolved and we all need to evolve along with it.

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Well said. We have to evolve. The focus on Gig ranking is less important. I also noticed in my area, writing, the market is starting to really dictate pricing. Pricing from even a year ago is not relevant today. a $5 shift down per Gig package for me has actually increased sales some. Used to be a price hike did that. Interesting to watch how things change with the growth of Fiverr and the Gig economy.

I think a lot of seller try to game the algorithm. You have to be genuine about what you are offering and willing to do and crystal clear about it, and the right audience will find you.


That what I want to say on my previous reply. Set a length adds more value.

sure, I think that’s totally doable.

I am going to assume it was you on the live chat last time, who said something about how my pacing was distracting and you couldn’t watch? :slight_smile:

There are so many variants to how buyers find sellers that we as sellers can only control so much…how we present itself, communication, quality of work, etc. I am curious what you think about marketing our gigs though. I tried it once for 3 months, and asked clients during that time how they found me. 99 percent said through a Fiverr search. Thoughts on marketing Gigs?