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Frank's Playbook #002 **Updated with Link!**

Well that sounds a bit extreme.

I’ve taken more off time myself to be honest, but is it really “off” when you take your laptop with you, an iPad and maintain a remote connection with your main workstation?

The answer is no, so that’s why I changed how I work so that when I take time off, it is actually down time. I’ve done it twice now, with great success. And my prospects, regulars and leads are still there. :slight_smile:

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I am an extremist about what I do here. It’s a calling. I wish people had some idea of what I put into this and bring to my efforts here. This isn’t my first business I’ve had either.

Nice initiative, Frank. It’s nice to see a PRO Seller helping others. :ok_hand:t4: Looks like I’ve missed this event. Did you save the live? I didn’t read the 80+ messages. :grin:

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Here’s the link :smiley_cat:


Thank you. Bookmarked it for later. :tropical_drink: