Fratured my gig


Hello mate, i want to know about gig featured, cause last night i saw new gig are featured how it possible, if any opinion please tell me, actually i want to featured my gig also, also if any one need logo design please inform me


The editors choose which gigs to featured. I used to have a featured gig, but it’s not featured anymore, don’t know why.

All you can do is keep delivering your work and hope for the best, but don’t get your hopes up. Most gigs won’t be featured just like most sellers won’t become TRS.


Thanks mate for ur opinion can u tell me how i get more sell, work on designer area,


I do not know about feature yet.
Just give my best job to the customer


Thanks mate how can i increase my sell also my impression, views, clicks, if have any suggestion please send me ur opinion


featured gig are selected based on how you fast and on time delivering and completing order how satisfied is client your reviews and many more things must be in positive

i know this because my web development gig is featured people are loving my work they are all satisfied and happy


You seem to be doing really well, you have high prices and lots of reviews.

You should take some English courses online. It’s minimalistic, not minimal. “Minimal logo design” sounds like you’ll do the minimum amount of work as opposed to the minimalistic philosophy of keeping it simple.


Thank you so much can u send me some english course link please


There are many on Udemy, and some for just $21, or less, some more. You can also google “free English course” and see what you find.

Here’s one about grammar.

If you have a smartphone, I recommend downloading the Duolingo app, it has really helped me learn German.


If you don’t want to pay, the Khan Academy has a free English grammar course.

Although, this particular issue could have been solved with the use of a dictionary. :wink: