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Fraud against seller by top buyer

in my recent order, the buyer was asking for a refund after I gave her 100% authentic work .by simple reason file not opening in her device. i contacted cs team they ask me to request her in opening the files in other devices rather than phone as there was no issue of technical nature,I gave her pdf and word file and requested her to open it in another device but she was constantly asking for a refund , she became unresponsive and once the order was marked auto-completed she gave me 1 star and told me that she will go to cs team,
my question is will she be able to fraud me and cancel the order and walk away easily by giving no payment? do fraud against sellers are heard by Fiverr team ?


just show your proof of your delivered work. Fiverr will be fair

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yes i was the one who first went to cs after the buyer was being tricky.the told me they dont find any technical glitch in my documents and they asked me to request buyer to open the material in another device but she was unresponsive later she gave me 1star review.