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Fraud and/or False Claims of Work Completed

9/29 - I placed the order and submitted the requirements (cold calling script and an Excel list of 350 prospects). Within this list of prospects, I’ve included a number that belonged to me just to check if Seller is really making calls. The delivery date was updated to 10/2.
10/1 - I ask Seller how everything is going. Seller says “quiet tough to get in touch with the some of them I need to make a callback. will update you soon…” and “If possible can you provide another list, so I can filter them?”
10/1 - I send a 2nd Excel list of 400 prospects, including two other phone numbers that would come straight to me.
10/2 @ 10:09am - Seller requests to extend the delivery date by 2 days, “I would like to request to extend the delivery date I still have alot of callbacks and interested but kinda busy so they want to recieve a call back Please allow me to extend the delivery”
10/2 @ 10:16am - Seller “withdrew the request to extend the delivery date”
10/2 @ 10:53am - Seller delivered the order, “I need to make a few follow up, I take notes to other company that show interest. I will make a call to the new list later at the same time will make a call.”
10/2 @ 11:07am - I ask for a report (included in the gig).
10/2 @ 11:43am - Seller sends me the spreadsheet report, “Remarks with Name show interest, I just need to do follow up”. The Seller basically copied the contact names from one prospect list and pasted the contact names to the other prospect list!
10/2 - @ 12:45pm - Because of the flat out lie, I tell Seller to stop making calls and I requested to have this order cancelled. I explained to the Seller about the copying and pasting of prospect names from one list to the other.
10/2 - Seller starts to message me back with F-bombs and calling me a scammer.
10/2 @12:48pm - I submitted the request for cancellation.
10/2 @ 1:11pm - Seller declines request for cancellation.
10/2 @ 1:21pm - I submitted a request in the Resolution Center.

What do I do now? I know it was a weekend, but should I wait a couple more days for a response from Customer Service? What will happen if I don’t hear anything from Customer Service? What happens to this order if it remains in “Review Delivery” status?

I just received a message that this order is complete. Please help me!

Submit a ticket to Customer Support explaining what happened in your order. Given what you said here they should refund your order.

Submit a ticket to Customer Support

I believe I’ve submitted a ticket to Customer Support and I see it in “My Support Requests”. Is there another link/section of Fiverr that I should submit it?

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Sorry to hear you’ve encountered this problem seller. If you like, you can also message, but CS is really behind right now.

If you do, be sure you’ve gathered all evidence, screenshots etc., and stay polite and professional.

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I’ve also heard people say that they’ve had luck contacting Fiverr through their Facebook or maybe twitter page (don’t remember for sure which one), so that might be worth a shot.