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Fraud Buyer and the insane Support Center!

Fiverr is changing their rules and regulations rapidly and forum is getting more and more post about the situation of sellers.
You are already concern about the situation we are facing now a days.

I felt too bad when a buyer discuss with huge task and order for a portion. When you have completed the job and wanted to deliver and he threat you to report about you if you do not do all the job he discussed before ordering but note this down he hired you for a portion.
What you will do?
May be you will explain that you have not agreed to do these all while he hired you. May be send the previous job or do whatever he wanted to do by you.

But if he report about you after completing the the job that he ordered?
What will happen?

Note my word, "fiverr will refund him 100% and make your “Order Completion Rate” 50% with giving you warning of TOS.
The time you have spent for the job is useless even your words thats why they do not feel necessary to talk with you while they cut fown your Order Completion rate to half.

Dont believe this?
Need prove?
Okay contact me. I will give whole conversation before order to till report you will just follow it. Trust Thousand dollars work can be completed with free of cost.
Yes its my own experience.

That has not been my experience at all. I have a scam buyer or attempted scam buyer and customer support was on my side and refused to give him a refund. I contacted them first, they said they agreed with me. He did not get a refund. He demanded something I don’t offer AFTER I delivered his order.

Customer support said they would not refund him. I don’t think he contacted them as he knew he was attempting to get a free service. I want to emphasize he DID NOT get a free service either from me, or from customer support.

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@tr_nirob What you do for him must be exactly what your gig description says you will do. It must be on your gig description and that is what you do, not a portion of that. That is what customer support looks at to make a decision.


My service was full website creation. And he was demanding Seo, optimigation, digital marketing, articale writing even he claimed i haven’t installed the SSL correctly where we did not talked about this for a single time before. I have tried to contact the support by describing all the issues withe the screenshot but the Support keeping silent. yes my weeks of sleepless night all efforts and work become worthless even i have wasted my time by describing all the screenshot to the support if they cannot help me then they could ban me from fiverr I would leave fiverr with experience rather than staying by keeping bitter experience

You have two 5 star reviews. Which gig was this for?

You offer unlimited revisions and a money back guarantee so why are you complaining when he wants his money back? You can’t complain about that. Customer support is correct to give it back to him if he is not happy:

:white_check_mark: Quick Communication

:white_check_mark: Unlimited revision until customer satisfaction and100% Money-Back Guarantee

:white_check_mark: Long-Term Help and Support

:white_check_mark: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Do you understand what it means when you offer 100% money back guarantee? It means you have to give him his money back if he is not happy for any reason.

If you are not willing to do that take it out of your description.

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If you buy a cup of coffee and after getting the coffee you ask for snacks for free and if the seller dont want to give that because he takes the payment for coffee only then you will ask for money back because you are not happy with coffee.
So you are saying that giving snacks for free with coffee will be the satisfiction guarantee?
Even if you are not selling the snacks you have to give it by purchasing from other?

You offer a money back 100% guarantee! Why offer that then complain when they want a refund? You have no argument at all as long as that is in your gig description.


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May be i leaned something new. Yes i digged my own grave in gig and I confirmed my nameplate by working hard 3weeks.

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So if I put money Back guarantee in my gig description then if any buyer just knock at the support that he is not happy with my service then support will give money back. Right?

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YES!..>>>>YES …You have to give anyone a refund for any reason.

That is what you are saying in the gig description. That is what money back guarantee means.

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I am just speechless :sob:

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Why? You promised to give money back.

But i have completed the job that he purchased from me. He just asked for additional work

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It doesnt matter! It makes no difference at all.

He wants a refund so he gets a refund. The reason does not matter.

I really do not see why you can’t understand the meaning of what you promised to do.

It means you will give a refund to anyone who wants one.

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I understand the issue. I am not really interested to discus about this creepy past. I know how much i have worked in these 3weeks. Did not take any order at these time. I have have nothing to say about this anymore. Let almighty take care of this

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You will repeatedly have this happen as long as that is in your gig description.

I should remove these bullshit words that I wrote from manner.
Thanks for your time to let me understand my fault

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Also saying unlimited revisions until customer satisfaction is going to lead to a lot of revisions! You really need to try to understand exactly what you are offering to people because so far it sounds like you don’t know what those words actually mean.