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Fraud buyer - Attention!

The buyer contacted me to create an graphic icons from the image, which is basically created from some seller on fiverr because I noticed the Fiverr watermark on image later on.

I have created exact same graphic not a single line difference, for more than 3 time. He will ask you to provide SVG files so they will not have watermarks in it and basically don’t want to pay any amount of money for the graphics. Probably wasted 1 month of time even thought he wanted 3 day delivery he will keep asking for revision on base less things which basically make no sense graphically or geometrically.

He might contact you to do some sort of work related to graphic or icon design. What my advice is please don’t take order from this guy. He is fraud, not going to pay you anything, get work out from you and cancel the order at the end.

Cancellation affect our sells a lot, I have offered him unlimited revision. But you can’t probably satisfy a person who want everything free.

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You need to remove the name and country of the buyer from your post as naming and shaming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.

I put the name because he might contact anyone for the work and do the same thing with him. This is just to save others from this kind of buyer. But as per your advice, I removed the name and country.

This may be helpful:

That’s sad, I hope your sales not affected for long. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hoping for the same!