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Fraud buyers, what to do?

2 fraud buyers in two weeks.
They submit a dispute/ cancel payment form Paypal then gone with the completed order and the money.
What should I do now? is there any protection for seller? How do you identify/filter those fraud buyers?

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Sellers have no protection and can’t do any thing…
It has been discussed many times, search the forum you will get the answer.

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That’s a rather dim view of Fiverr. Sellers have plenty of protections, and, as long as we work within Fiverr’s rules, we can do a great many things. Fiverr gives sellers many wonderful tools to present, produce, and provide out services. Fiverr supports sellers – apparently in ways you don’t even realize. And we can do many wonderful things here on Fiverr.


You can also report on Fiverr support for this issue. If The buyer contineu fiverr then you have get results

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Reporting to CS will not make way to get your money back since it is cancelled from PayPal.

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I have learned this from forum and from one of my personal experience.

You can contact fiver support center…

I have provided a working code for an order. The buyer wanted additional features, which was not part of the agreement and She was constantly sending revision request, I opened a dispute with fiverr, but their support team is made of robots, without actually looking at the agreement terms or anything they cancelled the Gig and now I can see the buyer is still using my developed code on its website.

How to help ourselves from these kinds of pathetic practices of fiverr?

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I support Fiverr. I am sorry that this happened to you, but, I am not going to dignify your biased opinion with a valuable response.


It is going to be a problem because fiverr can not argue against Paypal on your behalf (there is a lot of liability if they do so, and will cost more than the contract value). When the buyer makes a payment it is to fiverr’s account, not yours. So in theory the buyer is fiverr’s customer not yours. You can’t solve this problem by interacting with the buyer.

What sellers can focus on is seller-fiverr relation and see if you can amend the agreement to clarify the responsibility in this sort of situations. My guess it will come down to interpretation of certain terms and it can be complex.

Running a software consulting company can be very messy especially about user agreements, that is when you have a chance to sign agreement with users directly. Maybe it is not the right model on certain platforms when you have a middleman sitting in between.

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I’m not pretty sure about this, I don’t feel I have sufficient bargaining power to do so. Has someone did this?

I’m starting to think twice (or more) to accept an order from someone with a weird username. :expressionless:

  1. You need to send a DMCA takedown claim to that buyer

  2. Fiverr support is not all robots. I have gotten help from real agents and they were always great.

  3. Fiverr is not perfect. There are things that as a person running a business you need to know. Every business person knows that there are simply opportunity costs/cost of doing business. Doing online business, having to lose money due to certain scenarios is something you have to accept. Just like an employee at company may make a mistake that costs the company money. Does the company get its money back from that worker? No. Thats against the law. Losing money in this way is considered a COST OF DOING BUSINESS. If you want to operate like a business you need to understand business it self. you WILL lose money. And sometimes product. As long as you are on the profit side of things, you’re doing fine.

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You can’t really have copyright claims unless you are doing business as a real entity (person or business). On fiverr you are just a virtual entity (buyer and seller) you don’t even know who you are dealing with. Fiverr hides the relation and payments were not made from seller to buyer directly. That’s the reason the only thing you can do is define seller/fiverr relation to some degree a seller has more control.

To file a legal case you first need to prove you are the virtual seller on Fiverr, I can only guess that requires Fiverr provide proof? Something to ask customer support.

Filing a DMCA claim is not what you think it is.

You don’t have to copyright your work in order to own it. If you create a work or service, you are automatically the legal owner/ copyright holder of that work. That’s the law. You would only need a formal copyright if you plan to get money from infringers.

Now, DMCA takedown means I own this product, and I don’t want it to be used here. Or I don’t want it used this way. Or I don’t want it used by the this person. As legal copyright owner of your work, you are allowed to issue this takedown. The person may not take it down. But that’s just an invitation for you to sue them. And you would win. So most people don’t go through that hassle which is why cease and desist/ Takedown notices almost always do the job.

He would only have rights to the work if it was implied/given as agreement in a transaction. That work is part of a monetary agreement. If he gets a refund, he no longer has rights to that work. That’s the law. Thats a fact.

Long story short, know your rights. And issue that takedown claim. Like now. Immediately.

Just contacted Fiverr, they are willing to compensate the missing payment. I’m happy . :slight_smile:


Actually this is a bigger issue on Fiverr for larger projects. I just talked to the lawyer the other day, some of the jobs need the consultant (sellers on Fiverr) to sign an NDA, and we couldn’t figure out how to do it without violating the rules. And if someone does violating the NDA we don’t know who to sue. I suppose once Fiverr sellers become “pro” maybe they are open to these types of agreements.

NDA would require off Fiverr contact. In that case, it’s not permitted.

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