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Fraud Chargeback Protection

Last night I received an email from Fiverr saying a recently completed order has been canceled and the money has been returned to the buyer. Anyone who has ever been through this situation before knows this is what occurs when a fraud buyer requests a chargeback on their payment method.

There’s really nothing you can do to prevent this type of behavior without suspecting every new buyer is potentially a fraud. However, a couple of minutes later, I received another email from Fiverr I would like to share with everyone.

I’ve dealt with a chargeback earlier in my Fiverr career. After speaking with CS they decided to give me a credit to use on the site, that covered most the money I lost. This is either something new or a thing they do on special occasions. Either way, it’s good to see that Fiverr does side with the seller from time to time and protects them from fraudulent activities.


That’s awesome! I’m happy it worked out. I wonder if this is only done for certain situations and if so, what those are.

I’d also be interested in how Fiverr finances this!

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wow that’s very great work done by fiverr

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It has to be for certain situations, but I doubt we’ll ever be privy to what they are. I could think of too many loopholes (that I won’t be sharing) people would exploit if this was a regular thing.

Ah, right, I bet that’s why they didn’t disclose the reason to you.

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Charge back is thing of Past now.

if a customer do a change back after completing the order (with or without leaving the review) you will get your money back.

Not sure about the case when the order is automatically completed.

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I don’t think that’s 100% accurate. There would be too many loopholes to exploit. I think they look into certain orders more extensively and decide what is the best way to handle the situation.

It’s not a thing of the past. Fiverr does not control credit card companies and can’t stop them from accepting a chargeback. But they could defend us and also help us compensate for the loss.

A chargeback through paypal is normally refunded to the seller more or less straight away - Fiverr has an arrangement with paypal about this.

Chargebacks through a buyer’s bank or credit card, however, is a different kettle of fish. It takes forever to sort out … and often it’s only a partial repayment, if any


So, are you saying the credit/debit card option is better for a company like Fiverr to use as a payment system rather than PayPal that is known sometimes for fraudulent disputes?

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No. I’m saying what I said:

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Yes they have an agreement with Paypal, if the order is marked completed by the buyer the seller get the money.

You don’t need to control the companies to have an agreement with them.

Nothing to do with chargebacks.

I said Fiverr can’t control if credit card companies agree to grant chargebacks.