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Fraud chargeback

I completed and order month ago worth $140. Today, when I woke up I recieved a notification that the buyer cancelled the order and another notification saying that you were compensated…

In my mailbox I have mail from fiverr saying we protected your from fraud chargeback…

The problem is, when I try to contact that buyer in the inbox it says “I can no longer contact xxx”
Also, I have an active order of $200 going on with this customer and I can send him message their.

When I try to open his account it redirects me to my dashboard. Another problem is I am halfway through this order and almost done with it. I have invested much of time in it. What should I do now? Will this current active order get cancelled or should I just deliver it or should I contact CS or that customer? I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED. I DID TALK TO THAT CUSTOMER A DAY AGO AND WE ARE PRETTY MUCH FRIENDLY. WHATS GOING ON? PLEASE EXPLAIN…


Is the previous order completed money deducted from your account? You have a active order with that buyer you should completed this and if the buyer is fraud then after this order he/she will be banned from fiverr. You can complete this order

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It looks like the buyer has been banned already. I have no idea how you can still have an active order with them if they were banned. I always assumed the order will be automatically canceled when it happens.

You were compensated for the 1st order (which is great news). You should contact CS to ask them how to proceed with the second one. Completing it in hopes you’ll get paid doesn’t sound like a good idea. You were already warned by fiverr this buyer was a fraud. I don’t see them compensating you again with that in mind.