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Fraud Committed by user ********

User ************ ordered a wordpress website which was delivered to the client. Once order was marked as complete, client asked for few changes which were delivered too. While I was working on the site, I received a message from Fiverr that Order has been cancelled.

Fraudalent client ******* has removed all the site details on ******* where website was uploaded live. All the website and material was uploaded live on the server. However, client has disabled the site after site was made live.

He has stolen my entire work and it has seriously shaken my belief in the Fiverr policies which encourage fraudster to take full advantage of the weak seller policies on Fiverr.

You can still view the site which is live on the test server: *******

This fraudalent client was continously forcing me to speak on Phone which I refused and finally i have to face this issue where my order has been cancelled after being marked as complete.

The same thing happened to me but in a different scenario. My own order has been marked complete since November, 2015, and I had withdrawn the money. Only for Fiverr to send me a message at midnight that the order is in dispute and the money refunded etc… I worked my ass out to complete the order. The buyer has stolen all my work too. I lost my work, money, time… I’m also pissed off!!!

Never talk with a client over phone.

This fradalent user was forcing me to speak on phone which I refused. He sent request for revision which was completed. I was supposed to finalize site on Sunday but to my dismay Fiverr cancelled the order.

This fraudster copied complete site to his server. Took a full backup and then deleted the site data to show as if I did not complete my job.

He was happy right before the delivery. The moment site was delivered this fraudster took a u-turn and started telling me that site is not what he ordered.

Fiverr’s attitude on the whole issue raises some serious concerns and it puts sellers at a big risk. Fraudster users like ******* will continue to commit fraud 1 after another.