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Fraud Consumers

Hello Firiends,

Nowadys I am seeing the increasing number of consumers who actually approach you with their demands and when you accept them, they stop replying you.

In the name of checking my eligibility, they compelled me to complete one of their tasks and later stopped replying to me.

I feel that, without payment they are getting their tasks done by me in the name of eligibility check. .

It is not only the wastage of time but also the erosion of enthusiasm.

Please tell me how can I take actions against them???


it would be better if they accepted your offer first, otherwise you will be exploited!

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You don’t need to take actions against them. You just should stop doing free work.

If you read fiverr rules fiverr is strongly advising to start all work/orders/samples etc only after the order was placed. That’s it. Simple as that.

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Thanks dear for your kind information.

add water mark or anything like that if you are providing sample work

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I will follow your advice .thank you dear

Few day ago a client was knocked me and he ask me to work out of fiverr and I disagree his proposal

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Simple, you dont start working without an order, you can have a portfolio that shows your works and you can also send a custom offer for the “test”.

I know that completing a free sample can feel like a way to win a bigger order, but as you have found - it often just leads to doing work for free and you never hear from these sorts of people again.

One way to handle this is to suggest they pay for a small / short sample project. If they’re not prepared to invest even $5 or $10 in finding out if you are the right seller for them, then to be honest they’re not worth working with.

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okay dear… I will follow you adivice in my future deals.

You are 100% correct dear. @english_voice

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Tips 1: Don’t provide extra discount/offer , Because quality is the first.
Tips 2: Before placing order don’t start work…

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