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Fraud for sale on fiverr

a have a data entry account on other pc
A buyer contacted me and asked if im free then he shared his work etc there were some fb groups which i had to follow and then post images to it. The conversation was going on but then he left the conversation and a message appeared in chat box that “buyer can no longer be contacted”.
Then after some time another buyer contacted and asked if i was free. He put exactly the same requirement which the previous one described. Just the groups were different and all remaining info and requirements were same . I have joined those group
So now i want to ask isn’t there any type of fraud or spam…
Please guide me

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What do you mean by that? You have 2 accounts?


What group did you join? As I’m aware there are no groups on fiverr

I think he is referring to groups on Facebook (that his buyers wanted him to join/follow).

Do you even realize that you have violated Fiverr ToS by using two accounts and have admitted to the violation on Fiverr’s official forum? :thinking:


Thanks for you suggestion
But i want to make another on PC because i have another skillset of Data Entry so i dont want two types of services on the same account :yum:

This quote is copied from your previous topic above!


What’s the point of guiding you if you’re going to ignore what you’ve been told and break the rules?

I mean, users who break the rules get banned, so why guiding someone who isn’t going to stay on Fiverr?


There is definitely something in the water. - Truth serum, possibly.

In either case, this sounds like just your average case of scammer meets scammer…