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Fraud from buyer side

Please help me , buyer gave me order and I complete it with in 18 hour before timeline ( end date ) and after delivery he not responding my messages
No payment

Please help me to solve this issue


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First off, was an actual order placed through Fiverr? If so, then the payment is completed once the delivery is either accepted by the buyer or auto-closes after 72 hours have elapsed. After that, it takes 14 days for the payment to clear and be transferable from your balance.

If a legitimate order was not placed, then you were just scammed into doing free work.

Buyers do not have to respond to messages or give feedback on a delivery. Continually messaging a buyer who doesn’t respond back is likely not a smart thing to do.


Order is placed through Fiverr.
So now what can I do ?
Waiting for his acceptance ??

Yes. Just wait for 72 hours or for the buyer to accept the order.

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I don’t think buyers are even eligible to place any order without Linkin their account to fiveer or having balance to get debited while placing the order.