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FRAUD GIGS on Fiverr

Order: #FO6E63AF2165
GIG Provider:******

Used this GIG last week for Press Release Creation and Distribution to “100s” of Outlets.
Result … a) We literally researched the “100’s” of Outlets one by one … the majority were inactive sites, no rating of any kind on alexa or had a few hundred views throughout their history. Not a site that anyone would want their So Important Press Release featured on. b) We attached GOOGLE Alerts to the account prior to ordering the GIG to track it. Google Alerts notifies you every time your key words are identified throughout Google. Our Google alert returned ONE ALERT from One Medium that the Press Release was distributed to. c) We physically called out to the “Big Wig” Mediums that are advertised within then GIG and zero of them have received nor published the PR. and d) Not ONE of the “100s” responded to the PR, despite the fact that $1,000,000 of sponsorship was being given away to a life saving cause e) The mediums that we personally engaged, not associated with this gig had a 70% reaction rate. f) Something is very wrong with this GIG!

What is the recourse taken on Fiverr for such blatant misrepresentation of a GIG? This practice will ruin the integrity GIG Providers across the board. Your feedback is appreciated. As, we are a government entity and will use all within our lawful means to hold accountable. In the meantime, we would like to consult with the Fiverr community for suggestions on how to deal with FRAUDs among Honest Gigs. Thank you.

Mod Note: Calling out sellers or buyers by name is against forum rules!

It is against Fiverr rules to name sellers so I suggest you delete that. I am sure Customer Support will be able to help you.

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No response from them yet. In the meantime, All must be aware of such activity. Once we find out the real name and location of that provider, it will be REAL news item. Thanx for your reply!

It’s unfortunate though I’d be surprised if any of these gigs actually work.

Note that sellers can post almost any gig they want, whether they are trustworthy or not.
Fiverr is an open platform and with millions of gigs listed it’s definitely not an easy feat to pluck out all the bad services.

If you plan on paying $5 for the world It’s clearly to good to be true.

This is an awesome platform and you will find people selling services that are misleading.

:bulb: Joe

feel free to contact fiverr support team about it.