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Fraud Happened ! Buyer cancelled an order after delivering the gig on time, Cheated By Buyer

Hi, one of the buyer who order a custom order which I delivered on time with best services and he also marked completed it.

I simply can not understand it and finding myself cheated by the buyer or fiverr.

This order was worth $150 and i worked hard for it. delivered as he required ,

check my screenshots I offer my best to him, if any issue, any doubt i offered Revisions EVEN Remote SUPPORT for his better understanding the site.

I tried this but the buyer is not responding (why would he?, he’s already got the work free of cost). but he did not responsd i tried lot.

I invested lot of hours in it and $150 is not a small amount to loose like this way. and not only money its affecting my ratings also ! shownig in Cancelled orders.

now if i trying to go to buyers account : he deleted his account, its shows user not available.

please please help me to take my money back, importantly help me to take my rating back that is affected by this order.

I feel really cheated.

I’m not sure if Fiverr is a safe place for sellers, if this kind of things happen.

Fiverr should do some personal verification before anyone create a account and remove this type of cheaters.

I had a dream that i will become Super Seller One day but realized that,

Thanks for sharing this, I’m starting to sell but now think twice before coming on fiverr.


hello this type of buyer is scamer. he/she used unauthorized and fraud card for payment. thats the reason fund will be return on original source of payment and order will be automatically cancel.


yes you can… if buyer delete and payment reverse then you can delete off-course…

fiverr is a trusted place for buyer and seller. fiverr is Awesome.

but some fake seller and buyer breaks trust.

Yeah this is what happens when an account has been used fraudulently. The chargeback was likely initiated through Paypal and in that case there really isn’t anything we as Sellers or Fiverr can do. I’ve had this happen a number of times. It completely sucks and I’m sorry! I would definitely recommend reversing any of the work you have done if possible.


If the counter didn’t start, it won’t affect your cancellation numbers.

This happened to me twice and luckily all those orders were $5 since I don’t do big theme development projects regularly.

When something like this happens, I quickly undo the work so I don’t work for free even though my time is wasted. Don’t accept big orders from new buyers registered on the current month. Both cancelled orders of mine were from new buyers.

1st one was cancelled after the buyer marked it as completed. And then the 2nd was cancelled after I completed the work just before the delivery. I also contacted the Fiverr CS because the order was cancelled for no reason. it’s always good to show that it was cancelled due to fraud.

This is a really awful situation with no super solutions!

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Reply to @irfanisrael: @fiverr should take some action in your case

Reply to @webexpert1313: thank you for valuable comment.
should i delete the website that i made for this fraud guy ?

Reply to @webexpert1313: any hope from @fiverr people ?

Reply to @irfanisrael: This is unfortunate and is almost always the fault of a deceptive buyer. Fiverr doesn’t get paid either and they can’t really do much.

The way I avoid this when I can is by splitting a large order into smaller ones. You can arrange to do a few of the tasks for smaller amounts of money. When those are done and marked complete you start on the next set. If something goes wrong you are out less money. Good luck!

Reply to @fonthaunt: thank you so much , i’m new here, this will help me very much,.
(any idea to get rid out to MUTUAL cancellation?? )

thanks again

Reply to @reddhorrocks: thank you for commenting , another incident happened ffew days ago,
a buyer bought my gig, and doesnt submit required info, so counter wasn’t start,
i asked him alot to submit thi info, after two days he canclled the order, and it is counting in my canclled orders, how to escape this ?

Reply to @irfanisrael: Since the buyer is no longer allowed on Fiverr there wouldn’t be a way to make the cancellation mutual. The good news is that it probably doesn’t matter. If the buyer didn’t leave a bad review, one cancellation in your ratio isn’t enough to cause harm. You could ask Customer Support about it to be sure. :slight_smile:

Reply to @irfanisrael: Customer Support will correct it, it’s an unusual situation that isn’t accounted for by the regular situation. It won’t hurt to try! I’m sorry you suffered that prior loss though… if you can still access the website, delete it. Or better, tell your story on the error page :wink:

Same problem today my self i deleverd fast and hard work after delevery buyer cancelled my order I lost my 283$ and Fiverr team not response 283$ not a small amount please help anyone :pray::sob:

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Yah, I just had a buyer cancel a $400 order today after I did 1/4 the work, still 2 weeks left. Lesson learned to deliver all at once, not in parts!

Little do they know that I’ve taken the work I’ve done and posted it on my blog, and they won’t be able to use it, or Google is going to downgrade their site for plagiarism, same with that A site too!

I wish Fiverr would back us up here but they never do, but at least all the hard work I’ve done won’t entirely go to waste.

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