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Fraud in sellers adverstising

How can a seller advertise “done in 24 hours”, then ask for an additional $10 to complete it within 24 hours? After he asked, I just said I just want what you advertised. And then he cancelled the gig. Sounds very wrong to me, but I won’t mention his name until I speak with customer service. But beware of the “in 24 hours” scam.

Perhaps the ‘scam’ is called having extras :slight_smile: Who knows

Unfortunately, in every market there are people that falsely advertise their services to appeal to the public. I’m sorry you had to experience that, and it’s good that you raised the issue with support. However, please don’t let this affect your perception of sellers who offer delivery within 24 hours. Some people live to mislead, and I’d advise you to take a few minutes to read reviews left by previous buyers (if any) and the gig description, and watch out for any discrepancies.

In this case it was a fraud, but let’s not call it a fraud generally.

I also do offer to do a gig in 24 hours instead of 48 for an extra. Since I have a life and also work as a programmer, I don’t do everything in 24 hours for $5, but $10+ is an incentive to hurry up.

Nothing wrong with him advertising a gig extra. If he said he would do in 24 hour for $5 that is different but if he left of the “for $5” I see nothing wrong.