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Fraud,,, is there real customer service for this platform?

Some how my order is in complete status and I have yet to receive anything, when a seller doesn’t even provide an attachment to a response, why would fiverr think or even interpret the order as being complete???

Does Fiverr provide real customer service or even have an actual operations to remedy scams, misrepresentations and weed out bunk sellers??

Please note: Sometimes a file or seller message may take a short time to get to you and the order may seem complete. Please be patient, if you don’t see anything within a few hours then contact your seller again and if no response is received email support on

Well @Kjblynx you are right but a few of the new sellers are just scams, i have been on fiverr for years as a seller and buyer to know what am saying.

I have 2 theme customization gig’s that was just marked as completed today after 18 cancellation attempts by me, i also sent fiverr a report about this sellers behavior and it’s 2 days already still no response, i started a Rant here about this and they are still reviewing it because i added links to my report.

I’ll simply close shop on fiverr if this guy gets my money at the end of the day, if i show you what he did as customization you would simply fall laughing.


Oh lucky me, since am an active twitter user which accounts for 40% of my orders, i contacted fiverr on twitter with 2 of my support ticket numbers and they replied in less than 20 minutes and sorted out my problems ASAP.

Got my refunds too :slight_smile: