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Fraud made by Buyer to me. Please help me. Should I cancel the order?


I am a new seller on Fiverr. I delivered 5 small projects in the last 10 days. Then I got this buyer who contacted me for a $100 project. I understood the requirements and considered myself a perfect match for the project (because I had already done something similar in the past). Now time started to complete the project, there were 3 major tasks (though I hadn’t use milestone strategy which was my biggest fault).

  1. Custom Wordpress plugin
  2. Fully functional android app
  3. Node Backend to send the notification to android app

I completed everything before 3 days of project final date.
He had given me access to his cPanel of Wordpress site where I had to install the custom made plugin. During development, I completed the plugin and installed it on his site, then I made the app and Node backend to complete it.

Now it was time to tell him that everything is done. He asked me to test the app so as to make him assured that everything is working as expected.

As I couldn’t show him anyway, I sent him the debug apk file of the android app and told him to install on his device then I will show him everything.

He said the app is nice and working fine. Now I had to show the notification part (for him that was the main task), I sent notification and got logs on the server from Firebase that notif sent successfully, but he denied getting it (which he lied) because I myself got 3 notifications on 3 different devices.

Now he started telling me that I wasn’t eligible enough and I wasted his time and I will have to face the aftermath. HE HAS LITERALLY NO TECH KNOWLEDGE BUT ALWAYS CHALLENGED ME FOR RANDOM THINGS, which was just hypothetical.

I found out that as soon as I gave him the apk file, he had changed the password of his cPanel where I had installed my developed plugin. There I got to know that he indirectly got 90% of things, also with threatening me that I will have to face the aftermath.

I tried to convince him, that I can explain all the codes and can assure you that this is the best that ANY developer can do in this task. He was constantly denying and constantly called me a cheater and all.

I got really upset as I had given my best and everything is working as expected. He is faking that things are not working, while I am getting every response on server logs.

I complained to CS but they told me that they can’t mark it completed as a buyer is telling that this is just half work, while it is complete work.

Also, I tried to convince him but he is just not ready to accept while I can challenge on this, that everything is working as expected and in the perfect manner.

Now I marked the order delivered, sending the deliverables, but the issue is he is not denying the order. So it will be marked as delivered in 3 days.

My question is:

  1. What can I do to stop such fraud buyers to use Fiverr Platform?
  2. Will I get the money after order completion? (i.e. 3 days) because he is not canceling it. Why is not canceling it? Is he planning to review me bad as well as take his money refunded?
  3. As he threatened me, what can he do on my Fiverr’s status?
  4. Can he ask for a refund after the order marked as delivered automatically? And I won’t get the money?
  5. Should I go with the cancellation of the order? What about my codes on his live server and the android app then?

In my opinion, there’s no need to cancel the order. You did a lot of work, so why would you just give it for free? The worst thing he can do is to leave a bad review. It happens once in a while, and it’s not a big issue. You can write an answer explaining everything in detail.
Such people always aim new sellers, trying to get work for free.

Answering your questions:

  1. You never know when the next fan of free stuff comes.
  2. He can’t cancel an order without your approval. In 3 days the order will be marked as complete and you will get your funds in 14 days more.
  3. Nothing, but leaving a bad review. If he threatened you, you can send a copy of his messages to Customer Support.
  4. He is able to make a chargeback, but he’s going to be banned on Fiverr for that.
  5. I think you need to deliver it no matter what and get your deserved money.

Thank you so much for your reply @vovkaslovesnyy

Just a query, what if he marks the order as undelivered again in 3 days? What options will I have then?

Will, he just bound me in this loop? Like I mark deliver and he makes it undelivered?

I’ve got a response from CS that they can’t mark the item delivered until the buyer accepts it? Is this the support they provide to the seller? while I had already told them that he is threatening me that he will contact CS to remove me from platform, still they replied that.


Hey. Yeah, this is clearly a breach of trust by the client. I’m sorry you got into this situation. As @vovkaslovesnyy said above, the worst he can do is leave a bad review and later ask for a chargeback. If he leaves a bad review, Fiverr will let you leave your response under the review and you can defend yourself. (But be VERY polite and objective when writing this reply. A passionate angry response will turn future buyers away.) And if he asks for a refund, Fiverr will grant it, but they will also block his account.

In the future, don’t send the main elements of your work in the draft stage. Finish your work, send everything through the official delivery system. After that, if they need revisions, they can ask for it. There’s ABSOLUTELY no reason for you to send them the main files before delivery. ALWAYS protect your work.

PS. You have the client’s profile linked in your post. I suggest removing that before a moderator sees it. It’s against TOS to reveal the identity of the buyer on the forum like this.


The fiverr support works very carefully i faced such things a couple of times. Buyer makes a lame excuse of giving bad review. They cannot mark the order as incomplete once you completely deliver it without placing a dispute.


Once a buyer receives the deliverable, they have two options. To mark the project as complete or to reject it and ask for revisions. How many revisions do you offer? For instance I offer 2, and buyers can’t keep asking for revisions after that.

Also, while CS isn’t always super supportive. They take threats seriously. Keep your calm, and message them if he reject and asks for revisions and refuses to accept over and over.

Though, he can. I’m also having a problematic client at the moment.
He started to tell lies to the Fiverr’s support and guess what? I’m being forced to do one more free revision even though I did everything the buyer asked for and my gig offers including the one free revision but the precious buyer doesn’t like it. I’m pretty sure if he continues to pursue his refund, the so helpful Fiverr support will cancel it for him and give him the refund without my consent or having me to tell my side of the story.


He can request a revision or open a dispute to cancel the order. If you made all the work, just decline the dispute. If he asks for a revision, you need to make it (but only if your order includes one or more).

At the same time, CS is not able to push you or him to accept or cancel the order.

He may simply leave no review and disapper from your life forever, which is the best option.


My experience tells me that they are always ready to listen to you.
The key is to use short and informative messages without emotions. They don’t have enough time to examine all cases in details.
Furthermore, several users received credits from CS for cancelled orders after proving that they did everything that was offered in the gig.
I accept cancellations only in rarest cases (when it’s not really worth it).


@handsonkeyboard In that custom gig, I didn’t mention ANY revision so it has 0 revisions. I just mentioned to give source code and provide server-side support for the project.

Also I, at times, lost my calm :pensive: (but didn’t use any offensive words before him, like he called me cheater which kinda hurt so I told him the same in some sentence) because he had no tech knowledge, still he was challenging me for many things and telling me like “I don’t think you have knowledge of it…” and so". So I’m afraid now.

So, if you offer 0 revisions, Fiverr still gives your client 1 revision allowance. So, he’ll be able to ask for at least 1 revision. Be very polite from now on. I know how easy it is to get mad when some tries to cheat you out of money you worked hard for, but being polite will help you 10 times more here than getting down to his level. Become very calm if he asks for revisions. Ask him what else he needs. Send him proof that you are getting the notifications, and then if you can do anything more for the project, do it and send it in. Your goal should be to look MORE reasonable than the buyer.

Fingers crossed that he just lets it autocomplete though. Once that happens he can’t ask for revisions. And like we said, asking for a refund afterwards is bad for him as well.

Just be careful about never handing over the bulk of work beforehand again.


@handsonkeyboard As I had expected, he asked for revision. But as he changed the password of his cPanel, I’m unable to check the notifications perfectly. I asked him to give me the access, but I don’t think he’ll give that though. Also I had not mentioned having the access of his cPanel in requirements. Can he deny the access request?

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@sehrishirfan I hope they also work carefully for me.

It’s not about whether he can deny it. You can’t force a client to give you access to his cPanel. But since not having access stops you from properly completing the work, it’s something you have to politely bring up to the client and persuade him to give you access. Don’t make him feel like he is obligated to give you his password. That’ll just make him more stubborn about not giving it. Just explain exactly why you need the access and tell him that your only goal is to complete the project quickly and properly.

Thanks for your help @handsonkeyboard

I persuaded him to give access and he made temporary access for me. Now everything is working fine. The main task was, getting the notification as soon as some blogs are published. He added a blog and I got a notification in my 3 of the real devices where I installed the app. But he is denying that he didn’t receive that. I can’t rely on his terms for this because I know he is lying for it.

He is asking for revision again and again, while everything is working fine and he is denying this fact (probably so that he would receive everything for free).

Also, I contact CS but they are the same, “talk to the client and tell him that it’s working…so so”. The fact is, I know the client is never going to accept that and he is asking for revision again and again while I hadn’t mentioned any revision in the package. He is so stubborn and always saying that he didn’t receive a notification. Now as there is no perfect analytics so that I could prove that he received it, so I’m unable to prove that. But if I’m getting on 3 real devices, I’m telling this to him again and again but he is just denying.

So finally I’m stuck in a loop. Eventually, he will just cancel the order or do something like this. Is this support Fiverr provides? How can I get the money that I’ve worked for? Probably this would be my last project on Fiverr. It’s just making my days worse, also getting no help from CS.


Is he sending revision requests through fiverr’s system or just telling you to revise it?

There’s one thing you can do. Take a video of updating the blog and getting the notification. Then, send him the video.

You can also use this as definite proof that you’ve completed your end of it.

If that doesn’t work, then I suppose you might as well cancel the order or let the client cancel it. Fiverr can be an excellent place to work in majority of the time. If you do get into a problem though, it’s usually best to cut losses and move on to the next project.

I should add that there’s nobody who’s lasted longer than a year on Fiverr who hasn’t had difficult, unreasonable clients. If you give up because of that, you’ll miss out on working with all the amazing buyers who are also out there.

First of all, don’t let such people make you angry or think that Fiverr is always like that. We all meet them once in a while, and there’s no way to avoid complex situations.
I would recommend writing a polite answer and reminding your buyer that free revisions are over.
If he wants to revise something, he has to pay. I would also tell him that you already contacted CS.
All he wants now, is to get free work. It’s not $5 or $10, so I wouldn’t cancel it.


i thought order shouldn’t be delivered while in dispute either dispute stated or oral. And that’s against the fiverr rules and regulation on order.

If order got completed automatically. And then he complained to CS then there will be issue for you

  1. you will get a warning about delivered a disputed or uncompleted order (As buyer saying)
  2. you will lose ranking of your gig for almost 3 weeks. I don’t think so that a single order is more worthy then ranking

talk with him by patience and solve issue between you both end. Either cancel order or complete order

If you don’t accept or decline a dispute, the order will be automatically canceled in 4 days. So it’s not the best strategy to leave it as is.
If the seller knows that he did everything that was outlined in gig description, he or she shall re-deliver the order. Otherwise, buyers can request revisions again and again.
Furthermore, the author of this thread has already informed CS about the situation and there’s almost no risk to get a warning (in my opinion).
From my experience, it’s really useful to inform the buyer that your work is not provided for free.