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Fraud made by Buyer to me. Please help me. Should I cancel the order?

I will make video for sure, but I have 20% belief that he will accept it. He has already my image as a cheater and he is continuining with that. While I also apologized to him for losing calm, he didn’t. So he is just treating me like a slave now.

And I know that he won’t anyway accept my order neither will he cancel it.

An order can’t go on for more than 30 days. So this will in no way last forever. If you’re really tired of the whole experience, negotiate a peaceful cancellation and get out.

Is there a way you take screenshots of the notifications you received in the other 3 devices? If so, that should be useful to add when informing to CS in order to demonstrate that you’re telling the truth.

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hi there, did you got resolve?

same thing happend to me.this client want 1000 website for 10…literally the worst

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