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Fraud or What?


Why a Buyer Would insist on sending him a Custom Offer instead of placing order manually

He is a Level 2 Seller and knows how to process payment from gig page

So is he going to Scam me or what? I mean why should he force me for a custom Order? is there any difference in that while you buy a GIG using that offers instead of placing it on that GIG?


Custom Offers are not fraud. They are an opportunity for buyers to pursue orders based on services they need. You have every opportunity to decline customer offers if you do not wish to pursue them.

You can also turn off custom offers as well.

Perhaps if you choose to decline, you might send your buyer a message encouraging him/her to purchase from your gig instead.


They probably have some Fiverr credit sitting in their account, and they want to make sure they pay for the exact amount. There’s nothing strange about it.


Not at all. I have several buyers who want me to send them custom offers for what they need. It’s just easier, as we’d be talking in messages anyway, and I know what to charge them and what for, rather than them try to figure out what extras to buy to get the order amount right.

Usually if it’s a new buyer (new to me) and they just want the basic gig, I’ll direct them to order from the gig because I don’t have to keep messaging them about it and they can order more whenever they want that way - but I often send custom offers to my buyers for anything that is more than the basic gig, and they know they can get an exact deadline for the work, too.