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Fraud **Seller**

The seller I hired was trying to take over my website to commit fraud. He was messing with login and I kept getting kicked out. I am reporting this to Fiverr support twice, and I have not received a follow-up email from support. Would you believe they went ahead and paid this person anyway. This is a very serious issue. I believe the seller put information on my website to re-direct my customers to their unauthorized login in order to steal their information and bank information because they activated the wire transfer permissions on my site as well. The person also put their email to their Paypal email address on my website. They also activated Russian translation on my website.

The money is on hold for 14 days after the gig has been marked as completed. Fiverr support is taking a little longer lately I heard, around 4 days… But this is very serious indeed, I’m not a developer so I wouldn’t know what you can do if he has complete access to your website.

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Take screenshots of what has been changed, then change your own password and delete the developer’s access details. Also change any emails back to your own.

CS will get back to you but you may have to wait a while. In the meantime take basic steps to protect your site. You may find it useful to talk to your host’s customer service/tech support to see if they can help further.

Your’re looking for 501 redirects

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