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Fraud - Stock Art used as custom

I have had some good experiences on Fiverr, but this was my first bad experience.
I needed artwork and engaged multiple sellers.
One of them had a deluxe package of $49 which I thought was very reasonable. I started the process and then he asked for $300, which I refused. He then said he would do it for the agreed upon $49… I’d asked for a drawing of 13yo Medieval peasant boy, and he gave me a modern middle aged man that I found he taken off (stock photo basically)
I have a put a dispute in, so this will be a new experience going through the dispute process.

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I am glad you contacted CS about this issue. Did you attach screenshots? They like them because then they may not need to go to the order page.


The seller refused my cancellation of the project.
In our conversation thread he is saying his deluxe package price is just a “call to action” and that I would have to pay 5 times as much to actually get the work done. So I cancel and he refuses the cancel. Apparently I have to just accept the stolen artwork.
Not sure what my next step is here.

Resubmit the cancellation request in the resolution center. (This is different than a dispute.)

You can also use this to file a ticket directly with Fiverr CS.
Be sure you remain polite, and as @vickiespencer suggested, include screenshots. Quote the ToS, if the Seller broke it.

And check the “User Generated Content” section, too.