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FRAUD USER - Finally Open Order and Dispute!

Hi Guys,

I’ve been here on fiverr about 6 years. So I’ve worked around 300 project worldwide…

I just want to tell this awuful wear situation, beleive it’s insane!

This user first talked with me as usual by chat about one kid song. He asked me a lot of things and I sent almost 3 offers to him. It’s a Korea new user, no picture, no history…

Every day he just write something like “hey” “So…” One day I sent explain my offer again, he say yes. He used to chenge requirements each, you know? like, ok I need 2 songs, original.

Finally, this morning this wear guy write that he want to pay very fast, looking more wear for me… right? I said, No! Hold On! I don’t gonna make 2 songs for you. Just one!

So I Sent this last offer … Suddenly he write this : Oh I cant pay that (again) and I have some Crypto Currencies for you!

Of course, Inmediatly I blocked this account of course.

This insane user create another account , I blocked it!

He continue create accounts until he created a new one an make a custom order to me with a new account (The fourth fraudulent account created).


Immediately report it to support. Indicating everything that happened.

The user kept typing frantically…

I oppended a support case, I have not yet received any feedback on the case, but…

This terrible fraud user Opened a DISPUTE!

Isn’t it crazy?

Let’s summarize:

He create first account (************), never make one transaction on Fiverr and offers doubtful payment outside the platform to a (level 2 - 6 years user)

I blocked this account to avoid problems, because I know that this kind of persons finally steal us! All of Us! I mean Fiverr, and me!

He create another account **************** , write down me and said I-m the same **************** , of course I blocked

Again he make another account **************** please looked this picture

Finally he create anothere account, and before write me make a custom offer, write me all morning , I oppened a support case but he opened a dispute…

Please everyone be careful about this fraud user, he can contact you as ************ or ************or ************ or ************ He is from ************ and he has no transactions here on Fiverr.

  • Could this fraudulent user who offered cryptocurrencies in violation of Fiverr’s rules damage my reputation here on Fiverr?
  • Can a user create 4 accounts being the same (clearly violating the rules) and still damage my reputation?

The support case still remains unanswered, however, the offender was quicker and finally opens a dispute for a phantom order.

Friend who reads this, I ask you to help me comment, share and like this post so that this user has his punishment and justice triumphs.

I advise all music producers NOT to WORK with this offender.

Mod Note: User name removed. Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting.

I have ALL the evidences of what I wrote here! Fiverr too …I’ll let you know what happens …

It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place for name call-outs.


Thanks so much Moderator!! Sorry about account names ( I dont know) I just need that everyone knows this insane situation!
Every Sellers who worked here so hard has to know that someone just appear and make 4 accounts and opened an order and make a dispute.
Support case was oppened inmediatly , I think that all this community have the right to know what happened here!

Thanks again

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While sometimes indeed it would be nice/good to have offenders’ names posted publicly, it is still better overall that names etc not be shown or people would have their good names destroyed by people with an axe to grind - regardless of the truth.

I am sorry to hear of your situation. Sadly many wannabe musicians are a very messed-up lot with absolutely no Theory of Mind so they think that their impending fame based on their self-evident awesomeness of talent entitles them to use everyone around them like puppets.

While some top Rock Stars do indeed have interesting minds, those who last treat those around them with respect as they know that they can only ever be as successful as those around them help/allow them to be. This goes equally for backline people like Recording & Mixing Engineers and Fans.

Best to spot them and stay away. I just had one this morning wanting free work because he thought I was great then getting bent at me when I pointed out the error of his ways in that if he valued me, he would pay me. Calling freebies Test or Demo does not make them any less unpaid.


Thanks for your comment! Support has working on now! I hope to solve this awful situation

Hi Guys!
I want to thank the Fiverr support team, Stephen and Kristina who supported me and managed to solve this terrible situation.

I recommend everyone to go to the resolution center before proceeding. It is the way to handle things!

I confess that it cost me to continue working on the other projects because it was outrageous the way this user looked for all the ways to force me to work (and then very likely to rob me by opening as in fact a dispute did)

It is important that you know, that he also made 46 messages that said “Hey” …

I only ask in the light of the creator to protect us all and that our community remains healthy and free from bad people.