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I went with a a seller named fragglesrock to do a logo for [a site]

While they were quick to deliver the first design and two re-dos, and communicated clearly, the most important part–the logo itself–fell way short of the samples in their FiveRR logo portfolio, my request and what was expected.

From my dealings with the seller, I suspect that the person who produced these logos is new to design work and had nothing to do with any of the logos featured in their portfolio. If so, the service provided me was fraudulent.

Could it be because this Top Seller puts less experienced designers on gigs where the buyer didn’t order any of their optional services and more experienced ones on the more profitable gigs? If this is the case, FiveRR isn’t a worthwhile service for me.

Not wanting to waste my money buying a logo and optional services up front, I gave the same $5 gig to four designers and planned to purchase optional services when I chose logo for my site.

Is this strategy flawed?



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