I work for a magazine and we are looking for some models and I came across this website. Now, the user fragglesrock and I got in touch. She claims she is from France and had these pictures. I bought her gig 5 dollars for 40 pictures, she only gave me 5 and they were not even high quality. I tried being nice, I asked her if we can fly her down to our studios in shoot -everything paid. She kept lying. The photo she sent had a photographer name whom we contacted and the photographer said the girl is based in California.

Either I want those remaining 35 photos or my 5 dollars back. She almost got me fired.

Please don’t buy anything from that girl. Waste of time and total Fraud.


Sounds like someone was sending photos that was not of them. Contact Customer Service and they will look into it. (Although it seems a little overboard of your company to almost fire you for a $5 investment that didn’t work out.)


Oddly, I just discovered when I write a certain word on these forums, it’s replaced with “fragglesrock.” That’s a very strange bug. Maybe i’m not supposed to write the word, but i wonder why it would be replaced with Fragglesrock. how odd! :wink:


You almost got fired? Why would you bet your job on something so fundamentally unreliable as a $5 micro-transaction with an untrackable third party in an undefined part of the word?


Don’t run after big numbers, try to buy 1 or 2 images!


hmm models off fiverr… going to check this out


I worked for many years as a fashion photographer - print magazines seldom use non-agency models and ordering photos from the model herself is virtually unheard of (I know I’ve never heard of it). Most magazines operate on a very small budget despite the glamorous show they put on - only the very biggest magazines can afford to fly individual models anywhere, and usually only very well-known models.

Something sounds off about all this to me, but either way - it goes against Fiverr rules to hire people for jobs outside of Fiverr.