Fraudelent buyer


My Fiver account blocked due to the fraudulent buyer!
I will go step by step on how Fiverr unfairly blocked my account for the community to see and get some sense of it…
My experience in Fiverr
I have 4 years experience working in Fiverr as a seller, all through that time I have worked well, maintained an overall 4.9-star rating all through with almost 500+ buyers/clients. Further, I have introduced around 20 sellers on Fiverr all through that time.

From my last 30 days, my experience had been the worst.

  1. I worked with a Buyer 4 months ago in which the order was completed very well, the buyer completed the order and left a 5-star review but recently contacted Fiverr and customer support canceled the order and the money returned to the buyer and I was flagged 1st Violation of TOS.

  2. I worked with a buyer, did the work posted and the buyer got the work disappeared and after the 5th day he contacted the customer support to cancel the order and I was flagged 2nd Violation of TOS.

  3. Lastly, which was yesterday where I worked with a client for the second time, the first work we did, the buyer was satisfied with the work after doing around 8 revisions. On the second work with the buyer yesterday I had done 4th revision and the seller requested a revision…" while we were still chatting with the seller I got an email that I violated the terms for not delivering the work on time" i was shocked because usually I offer my buyers unlimited revisions until they are satisfied.

After that, my account was blocked!!!

I want to ask the community and Fiverr the following questions:

  1. Was this all fair for them to block my account without the customer physical review on what actually happened?
  2. Will I get my account back to be able to work with my usual long-term clients?
  3. Is there any protection of Sellers By Fiver?
  4. If Fiverr wants to create a fair community and market then why don’t the system flag me for their further review of my account before they block because I had more than 7 orders pending and I sure my buyers are suffering currently because of one fraudulent buy?


Hey @evan_j … We all are sellers and buyers here in this community. What we can do is to give a best suggestion.

I will suggest you to contact support here. Open a ticket or submit request. Explain everything, if you have proof also include it and then wait for there reply for about 24 hrs or less… Keep in mind don’t submit more than one ticket before there response.

I hope you will get your account back.

Good Luck!


Hi Evan, that sounds very worrisome, chargebacks, even after four months, seem to happen more lately, unfortunately, or more people speak out about them currently.

Did you ask support for what ToS violation exactly they flagged you the first 2 times? And the 3rd time, you say “for not delivering work on time”, did they use exactly that wording, or was it something like “ToS violation, such as … not delivering work on time”?

As for the 3rd, was your original delivery on time, and only the revised deliveries not?

As you might not be able to use the ticket system with a blocked account, you can also reach support per email: but it’s best to make sure you didn’t actually violate any Terms of Service, or to know which one/s you may have violated, before you write to support, to make your case, so maybe read them carefully first.


check out the message I got fro

m them


so now ??
what you will do ?


I want help from community here and Fiverr


Nothing we can do, but @miiila gave some good advice.


CS will ask you why you just opened another account.


That message says “…deliver the specific work requested and within the agreed upon time frame”. It might either mean they don’t think you delivered the specific work that was requested or didn’t deliver it on time or both. So it may or may not be because of a late delivery.


I did so so that i can post anything here


Yeah, they are really not clear as to why they closed my account, check the replies from them:

Hi again Evans,

As stated previously, our records and the reports received indicate that incomplete deliveries were made and therefore, your account was disabled due to these violations.


I see, but this adds a problem to the problem. Definitely it’s a move that doesn’t help your case.
You republished the Gigs, taking care to specify in the pictures that the new account replaces the old one, so it’s not just a matter of posting here.


if i get my account back i will close that account, around 6 clients are looking for me…so that is just to help incase they come acorss me i will direct them

Bro, I am complaining because all that happened was truly unfair…i couldn’t wish someone else follow my route

Unfortunately, most organizational support just follows a procedural or designed way of solving problems without any query to technical support…


They are claiming that my account was blocked because of ‘incomplete deliveries’

Any interpretation from the community over this?

No client raised any complain on my orders…

I am wondering how that was decided by Fiverr


You may not have any choice in the matter.

Referring to a ‘fraudulent buyer’ in your profile isn’t the way to make friends and influence people amongst Fiverr CS. :wink:

No - we’re not CS I’m afraid, and can’t see your account like they do.


You are concluding that everybody here don’t know that…may you don’t know…


#offlinehelpers, looks like you are celebrating Lol!


Yes, because they could all be psychics - I’d forgotten that! :slightly_smiling_face:

No - I wouldn’t do that, but I do know that CS don’t close an account without a jolly good reason.


You can’t actually know what your clients raise as Fiverr doesn’t share any info on that with us because of their privacy policy. You’re aware that the buyer review you see on your profile isn’t the only review buyers are asked for, for instance? There is another, not public review, for Fiverr’s eyes only.
If you never delivered incomplete orders, however, you can and probably should take it up with support.

You didn’t reply to questions though, if you want help, it would make sense to do that.
Or were your first 2 warnings about incomplete deliveries too? If they were, it would have made sense to clear that up with support latest after the 2nd warning, they won’t just go on and warn people about the same thing forever, obviously.
If they were about other things, it would still have made sense to take extra care to not violate ToS in other ways.

Everything stands or falls with the question though if you did make incomplete deliveries. If you did, well, tough luck, I fear. If you didn’t, try to prove it to support, they are the only ones who can reinstate your account.

And you should take the hints about accounts, people are just trying to help, not to argue.


you can show the feedback of your client to customer support may be he gave a 5 star review